Port: Hey Shailene Woodley, come back to North Dakota and clean up your mess [Potential ‘ecological disaster’ for the Missouri River, new laws in the ND legislature]

charlotte: Which is worse, the environmental impact of a tightly regulated pipeline that exceeds the regs, or the FILTH and AFTERMATH left behind by those who CLAIM to be protecting the earth?!?! The snow pack is melting, and pits of human waste and EVEN ABANDONED CARS now threaten the Missouri River with “ecological disaster” so the Gov. of North Dakota has ordered an emergency evacuation (YES, apparently there are STILL people there!!). And that’s not all!! Though the majority of the protesters were peaceful, the violent minority have left their mark as well. Energy Transfer testified before Congress last week:

“I fear the aggressive tactics we have seen in North Dakota will soon be the norm — if they are not already,” Joey Mahmoud, an executive vice president for the company, said in his written testimony before a panel of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. “Had these actions been undertaken by foreign nationals, they could only be described as acts of terrorism.”

and furthermore:

Mahmoud said employees and their children faced death threats and activists broke into and shut down pump stations on four operational pipelines. He said the activism was part of a “well-funded effort based primarily on hostility to fossil fuels.” Protesters were getting paid, he claimed.

Even if they were NOT paid with the $11 million raised on GoFundMe, that money surely ENABLED the violence and the current mess!! In the process, the sheriffs and other law enforcement realized that their laws for addressed these tactics were woefully inadequate so at least 3 laws are being fast-tracked through the North Dakota legislature. I’ll have more on the specifics when the governor signs something – right now they’re in the “sausage maker” of the process!!

Here’s the article:

But at least they’re genuine. You can’t say that about the left wing organizers or the celebrity activists like Shailene Woodley and Mark Ruffalo. Back when the #NoDAPL cause was the flavor of the month they were happy to associate themselves with it…

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