Viewpoint: US LNG exports to jump in 2018 [EIA: prod/consumption at new records, LNG videos of the year!!]

charlotte: I wonder if Tellurian’s LNG sales will include any US LNG?? Regardless, 2018 will be a year of GREAT CHANGE for US exports of LNG as Cove Point LNG (now commissioning), Elba Island LNG and Freeport LNG all bring production trains in service:

Such volumes over an entire year would rank the US as the world’s third-leading LNG exporter behind Qatar and Australia, but it is unclear how much the US will export next year because some of the new facilities would start operating in late 2018.

Here’s where we really find out what people have had under the radar – ahead of schedule, capacity expansions etc!! And EIA says that natural gas production, consumption AND exports are continuing to set new records EVEN BEFORE the new facilities hit the numbers, so HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT!! Best LNG videos for 2017 are here – enjoy!!

Here’s the article:

Houston, 27 December (Argus) — US LNG exports will increase significantly in 2018 as three more projects are scheduled to come on line. The new liquefaction trains likely will raise contractually guaranteed, or baseload, US LNG export capacity in 2018 by about 57pc to 28…

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