UK sends Russian LNG to US? [RUSSIAN Yamal LNG’s first cargo ends up in the US!!]

charlotte: Alternative headline: People in Boston prefer importing Russian LNG to building pipelines, EVEN to nearby Pennsylvania and the Marcellus Shale, which could EASILY supply their needs!! Also, what are the terms of the SANCTIONS on Russia, anyway?!?! So, I get that demand is way up and infrastructure is constrained, so we have a HUGE price spike in New England right now, and people want to get cheaper gas from somewhere else, BUT REALLY?!?! There really wasn’t anything else available from nearby commissioning Cove Point LNG, or Sabine Pass LNG (less than half the distance) or ANY OTHER COUNTRY?!?! This cargo arrived at the Grain LNG terminal and essentially switched vessels in the UK (from the Christophe de Margerie to the Gaselys), and is now scheduled to arrive in Boston later this month. WTH?!?!?

Originally, the Russians promised the Chinese the first Yamal LNG cargo as a “thank you” for Chinese support, but obviously that didn’t happen!! This first Yamal LNG cargo was ALSO the first transshipment at the Gate LNG terminal in Rotterdam, and the Russians and their Chinese co-owners of the Yamal facility have also partnered to build at least one ice-breaking LNG carrier.

Here’s the article:

The US could be receiving a liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipment from the UK’s Grain import facility that previously received a cargo from the Yamal LNG project in Russia…

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