Analysis: Sabine Pass LNG tops nameplate capacity [Nice gallery of pics!!]

charlotte: Cheniere is squeezing more saleable production out of each train to operate above capacity with high efficiency (they can load nearly a cargo a day when they need to), and this increases the number of spot cargoes they can make available (to 6 from 2 in just a couple of months)!! They are now shooting for June 2019 for substantial completion of Train 5, and have beefed up the project website with additional detail on their business model etc (sounds like the FID will be made on Train 6 when they can cash flow it). You can find a nice gallery of pics here!!

Here’s the article:

Houston, 5 January (Argus) — Louisiana’s Sabine Pass LNG export terminal has been operating above nameplate capacity since placing its fourth liquefaction train into long-term service three months ago, likely increasing the…

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