Hope for Lafayette’s oil economy [“Keep the faith” for the Austin Chalk!!]

charlotte: So someone’s looking for MORE than $63.76/bbl (WTI as I type this)?? Good grief!! This story from the Lafayette press is a very good summary of most (but not all) of the Austin Chalk activity in Louisiana over the last 1.5 years or so!! Keep in mind when you read this that Kirk Barrell says he was misquoted about Tangi and Washington Parishes – maybe that is someone else!! He says “keep the faith” and I am but it isn’t easy, as many of you know!! I wonder how many takers he got at NAPE a few weeks ago for his package of 222,000 NET mineral acres?? This piece also fails to mention PetroQuest’s acquisition from late last year!! Read more on the Austin Chalk here. By the way, please KEEP THE FAITH for my return as well – only 1 more week!! Thanks for all your concern and kind messages!!!

Here’s the article:

The possibility of new oil and gas drilling operations in Central Louisiana is making way for an economic rebound here in Lafayette. But, industry professionals say, in order for that to happen the price for a barrel of oil will need to go up…

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