1433 against the wall - snip 08-02-12In a few short years, the flood of U.S. crude oil and natural gas (the “shale oil and gas revolution”) has already transformed global markets and provided revolutionary opportunities to match. The “new normal” of lower product prices is both a necessary step toward U.S. energy independence, and a challenge to meet to ensure future profitability.

But it’s difficult for busy professionals, whether you’re in Odessa, Texas or Odessa, Ukraine, to keep up in real-time with rapidly-changing events, new technologies and innovations so businesses and individuals can meet this challenge. That’s where charlotte’s oil & gas news® comes in!! Here’s a couple of testimonials from regular readers:

I look forward to reading your email every time it comes out – you seem to have a knack for knowing the “hot topics” in oil and gas!!

Paul Arceneaux, Operations Manager, Marquis Resources

Here’s one more:

I do love your oil and gas news blog and check it daily – what a time saver and great idea… My favorite tab is “Must-reads” as you have an eye for the big impact articles… Keep up the fantastic work!

Bill Knecht, WNK Consulting

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Charlotte Batson, Owner and Principal of Batson & Company, is a petroleum engineer and consultant that helps bring innovations and great new ideas to market. You can learn more about Charlotte and Batson & Company here.

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I listened to you this evening on The Jacki Daily Show, and now I’m about to go and subscribe to your blog. Your perspective is really charging me up, and I just wanted to thank you – my faith in better days in the oilfield has been revived. I’m going to pay close attention to the articles you post and what you have to say.

Nick Vaccaro, Total Safety

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