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Since launching in early March, 2016, charlotte’s oil & gas news® audience has expanded to more than 55,000 oil and gas professionals and decision-makers in 158 countries with events and innovations for the path forward…® and are increasingly recognized as being key for staying ahead of industry changes.  Reaching this ahead-of-the curve audience is essential for your business in the “new normal” of lower oil prices.

Absolutely priceless information… You have helped me pinpoint where to be, and [your] timing was impeccable. I just wanted to thank you personally for helping me stay working in the US.  In this bloodshed, there are limitless opportunities, and I look forward to keeping a close eye on your blog moving forward.  I find you incredibly prescient and have incredible foresight into our business.

Conrad E. Archer, Archer Energy Services

Here are the top global cities and countries that our regular, even daily, readers of charlotte’s oil & gas news® are located – the energy centers of the globe.

top global cities (in order)

Houston / The Woodlands, Dallas, Austin, Calgary, New York City, Denver, Lafayette, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Midland, San Antonio, Minneapolis, London, Chicago, Odessa, Atlanta, Pittsburgh

top countries (in order)

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, France, Philippines, Norway, Singapore, Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Malaysia

charlotte's oil & gas news readers' locations through Sept. 2016

charlotte’s oil & gas news® readers’ locations through Sept. 2016









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